ABC delayed too long in agreeing to sell the Barack Obama campaign a half-hour of TV time Wednesday night, and, as a result, the campaign decided to allocate the roughly $1 million that the half-hour would have cost to other efforts. The Washington Post said that ABC has already begun airing promos telling viewers, "Wednesday you have a choice -- get political with the other networks or" watch its Pushing Daisies show. The Obama half-hour will air on the three other major networks as well as Spanish-language Univision. The CW, which apparently was not approached by the Obama campaign, will air America's Next Top Model . The Post reported that the Obama campaign delivered the half-hour political ad to stations on Monday and that it essentially mirrors an address the candidate delivered in Canton, Ohio the same day, in which he promised his supporters, "We will ... not just win this election, but together we will change this country and we will change the world."