Ratings for all three network nightly newscasts shot up last week thanks to the Vancouver Olympics (and the earlier tragic accident that took the life of Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili), the East Coast snowstorm, and concern about the condition of former President Bill Clinton. NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams , which had the good fortune of airing on the same network that carried the Olympics, saw its audience numbers climb to 11.05 million for the week, its largest total since January 17, 2005. (The figure takes into account only the Friday of the opening ceremonies; on Saturday, with Williams again anchoring, the newscast drew 12.36 million viewers; on Sunday, 13.92 million.) ABC World News with Diane Sawyer also saw an audience surge, averaging 9.24 million viewers. Even the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric landed a sizable audience, with 7.09 million tuning in.