Jay Leno insists that he doesn't worry about the possibility that his new TV series will fail. In an interview with Sunday's Boston Globe , Leon remarked, "You just do the best you can do. If it's bad, they throw you out on your ass. That's fine. If you're not doing any good, get out." Asked why he didn't simply decide to retire à la Johnny Carson, Leno indicated that he enjoys working -- and that he took the 10 00 gig after NBC promised the Tonight show to Conan O'Brien to keep him from leaving the network. "There really wasn't a lot of places to go,'' Leno told the Globe . "If you go to ABC or another network, then it looks like 'Oh, now you want to go against The Tonight Show and beat them.' That's bad form. [The 10 p.m. slot] is an area that was open, no one's done it, and I thought it might be fun to give it a try.'' Besides, he said, he has reached the conclusion that "TV is ultimately a disappointing business. The reason it pays you a lot of money is so when you get screwed, you have something left over."