ABC News last week secretly shot two pilots for an hour-long version of Nightline, one anchored by Cynthia Mcfadden, another co-anchored by McFadden and Martin Bashir, the New York Observer reported Wednesday, citing three unnamed sources familiar with the project. An expanded Nightline would result in the cancellation of Jimmy Kimmel Live. Observer TV columnist Rebecca Dana quoted her sources as saying that ABC was motivated by a desire to cut its losses from the Kimmel show. While Nightline also operates at a loss, Dana wrote, "Given the fixed costs of putting on a broadcast, a majority of Nightline's senior management believes that the extra advertising revenue from stretching the show to an hour could put the program in the black for the first time in a long while." An ABC exec appeared to acknowledge that the network had produced the pilots, but cautioned Dana "not to read a whole lot into this," adding: "We are always experimenting and trying things."