The CBS Evening News, which had featured correspondent Kimberly Dozier's reports from Iraq, provided some details about her condition Monday after she was critically injured by a car bomb earlier in the day. Her cameraman, Paul Douglas and James Brolan, were killed. Baghdad bureau producer Agnes Reau said that the most serious injuries were to her lower body ad that she also received a shrapnel wound to her head. Correspondent David Martin said that she underwent two separate surgeries, one at an emergency hospital in the so-called green zone and another in a hospital north of Baghdad. Martin said that the doctors were able to remove shrapnel from her head "and it did not penetrate her brain, so that does not appear to be life threatening." She was flown to Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany early today (Tuesday) and was taken to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, a U.S. military hospital, for further treatment. ABC's Bob Woodruff, who had known Dozier and Douglas and had worked with Brolan -- and who himself was critically injured in Iraq -- issued a statement saying that he was "devastated" when he heard the news.