Citadel Broadcasting, which now owns the ABC Radio Networks and the ABC owned-and-operated stations, is expected to announce this week that it has hired the embattled Don Imus to host a daily radio show on its New York flagship station, WABC-AM, beginning December 3, Daily Variety reported today (Tuesday). The trade publication noted that there are presently no plans to simulcast the program on cable as was the case when it was carried by MSNBC, before Imus made his controversial comments about the Rutgers women's basketball team. Variety suggested that a TV deal may hinge on whether advertisers are willing to be associated with him and whether he is still able to attract high-profile celebrities as guests. On Monday, Roger Ailes, head of Fox Broadcasting, said that he had "had lunch" with Imus and implied that he might be willing to give him a shot. In an interview with Broadcasting & Cable magazine, Ailes said, "I think eventually he'll be back on television. I think he's sorry for what he did and I think he realizes it was wrong and bad and terrible. But there are many people out there who are doing things like that everyday and not being called on it and that's not fair either."