ABC News, which had trumpeted the fact that it had obtained the telephone records of "DC Madam" Deborah Palfrey, but ended up naming only two persons on her client list last month, said Tuesday that it was not aware that Republican Senator David Vitter of Louisiana was also on the list. ABC News spokesman Jeffrey Schneider told the website Raw Story that the network had only about 80 percent of Palfrey's records for the years 2002-2006. Last week Palfrey released all of her phone records over 13 years. Said Schneider: "The senator's number must have been on one of those years we didn't have." Still, given ABC's extraordinary attention to Palfrey's phone records, it was unclear how Hustler magazine got a beat on the story and was able to twit ABC for failing to reveal Vitter's (now-admitted) tie with Palfrey. "[Publisher Larry] Flynt's team found what ABC News has so far been unable to ferret out," a statement by the magazine boasted.