President Obama's brief interview with Fox News Channel's Major Garrett on Wednesday produced a fair amount of newsworthy copy. Suggesting that a behind-the-scenes truce between the news channel and the White House had been worked out, Garrett at no time brought up the subject of the squabble that became news itself when former White House Communications Director Anita Dunn called Fox "an arm of the Republican Party." He later explained to the Associated Press "Look, I wasn't going to litigate whatever it was that was going on between Fox and the White House. ... Whether it was a war or not, I was always a conscientious objector in the conflict." But during a discussion of the interview on Fox News, conservative pundit Charles Krauthammer quipped that it "constitutes the most important truce in our history since the Korean armistice of 1953." Meanwhile a study by the Center for Media and Public Affairs has concluded that since Inauguration Day only 27 percent of Fox's coverage of the president on its "Special Report" feature -- whose coverage resembles that of the broadcast networks' evening newscasts -- was favorable. However, the study also disclosed that only 35 percent of the evaluations of the administration on ABC, CBS and NBC were positive. Therefore, it concluded, since the election, "Fox's coverage has gone from being the worst of all to merely the worst among equals."