Fans of U.S. TV show FLASHFORWARD converged across the globe on Thursday (10Jun10) for a mass protest against the series' cancellation - staging fake 'blackouts' in cities including New York, London and Los Angeles.
The programme, starring Joseph Fiennes, centred around a mass blackout in which the majority of the world's population loses consciousness for several minutes and has a glimpse into the future.
But network bosses concluded the lacklustre ratings did not justify a second season and axed FlashForward as part of a massive TV cull which saw a string of high-profile shows fall.
Fans were left reeling by the news and have now staged a massive protest in a bid to convince ABC chiefs to change their minds.
The fake blackouts saw devotees fall to the ground simultaneously for a total of two minutes and 17 seconds in Britain, Ireland and Italy, as well as a string of cities in North America including Toronto, Canada, Atlanta, Georgia, Seattle, Washington, Chicago, Illinois, New York, and Los Angeles. Fans holding 'Save FlashForward' signs even fainted outside the ABC offices in Burbank, California, according to