Mabel Pantaleon has been found safe following her disappearance last Sunday after a reported mental breakdown at her mother's home.
The actress, 31, who has made appearances on crime drama 'Dexter' and medical reality show 'Mystery E.R' apparently has a history of manic depression (also known as Bipolar disorder) according to her mother Sylvia who told ABC News that she took medication for the illness but she suspected Mabel had neglected it around the time she went missing. She disappeared from Sylvia's New York home where she was staying around 9am after an incident where she wasn't quite acting herself. "She saw something on the Internet and got very upset, and she started saying a lot of weird things", Sylvia told Abc. "She said, 'I'm leaving from here, all of you are terrorists, you're not my mother." She added: "I knew it wasn't her",
Mabel was staying with her mother again after losing her New York apartment on 45th Street. She had moved back from California late last year after attempting to pursue an acting career. According to Sylvia, she didn't have a partner or many close friends at the time she went missing. "That was one of her problems", she said. "She doesn't have friends, she doesn't have boyfriends".