A two-hour edition of ABC's Dancing With The Stars dominated Monday viewing, easily capturing every half hour of primetime between 8 00 p.m. and 10 00 p.m. as it averaged 19 million viewers. Some 18 million viewers tuned in to the first hour, surging to 20 million in the second hour. Despite a night of stiff competition, CBS and Fox managed to post solid ratings -- even against ABC's Dancing juggernaut. In the 8 00 p.m. hour, Fox landed 9.3 million viewers for its hit drama House . while at 9 00 p.m., CBS rounded up 13.75 million viewers for Two and a Half Men and 13.6 million for The Big Bang Theory. At 10 00 p.m. ABC's Castle improved to 11.1 million viewers, tying for the lead in the hour with CBS's CSI Miami .