Since the FCC fined ABC $1.43 million for showing an actress's naked backside on an episode of NYPD five years ago, the scene, which the FCC branded "indecent," has been been posted on YouTube, where it has been viewed nearly 1.3 million times in less than two days. Links to the video (at have been posted on numerous websites, which also carried numerous comments denouncing the FCC action. The British tech site The Register commented, "The U.S. Federal Communications Commission has encouraged children to watch naked women on YouTube." The U.S. tech site Tech Dirt remarked similarly that if FCC Chairman Kevin Martin "really was trying to protect people from viewing such indecent content, perhaps he shouldn't have issued this fine. After all, it was shown on TV nearly five years ago. By now, most people would have forgotten about it... unless, of course, the FCC were to bring the clip back into the news, getting someone to put it on YouTube, and driving well over a million viewers to watch the video since the fine was announced." The FCC said that it had received thousands of complaints about the show; however, virtually all complaints about such content are usually generated by a single organization, Brent Bozell's Parents Television Council.