The National Association of Black Journalists has condemned an article that appeared on the ABC News website titled "How Will Michael Jackson's 'White' Kids Get Along in a Black Family?" The article by Luchina Fisher, a producer of entertainment features for ABC News, said, "There's nothing unusual about black families taking in their kin. ... But when the children look more white than black, eyebrows -- and stereotypes -- get raised." In the NABJ's statement, the group's president, Barbara Ciara, commented "Anyone with 20/20 vision can see the variety of shades that encompass African-American people. It's a false issue considering the growing number of biracial and blended families here in the United States and [the article] -- by its title -- suggests race somehow is more important than being surrounded by a loving and supportive family." The NABJ president also took note of Fisher's comment that "living with their black relatives may require some adjustments." She asked, "Are you serious? By all accounts these children have known no one else but their black relatives during their young lives." She concluded that the article demonstrates that ABC News "is out of touch and uninformed." ABC has not responded to the NABJ's rebuke.