Forget the competition in Vancouver. It was the competition on Fox that viewers were most engrossed in Tuesday night. According to overnight Nielsens, 23.64 million viewers tuned in to American Idol Tuesday night versus 20.41 million for NBC's coverage of the Winter Olympics -- a 16-percent lead. But if the Olympics took a hit Tuesday night -- it had been averaging around 25 million viewers -- so did American Idol . The previous Tuesday the talent contest drew 27.74 million viewers. The real wonder may be the fact that despite that intense competition, CBS and ABC came away with better-than-decent numbers as well. Even though it was a rerun, an episode of CBS's NCIS drew 11.56 million viewers, while a repeat of NCIS Los Angeles followed with 9.11 million. On ABC, a new episode of Lost recorded 9.79 million viewers.