Ryan Philippe is "confused" about his life.

The 35-year-old actor - who recently split from Abbie Cornish after four years of dating - is surprised he isn't finding things easier as he gets older and more experienced.

He said: "I thought the more experience you had, the more certain you would be about life. But I'm finding the opposite, man. I'm more in wonder and confusion than I was in my 20s."

One thing Ryan knows he needs to address is how he still feels about

the break-up of his marriage to Reese Witherspoon - with who he has two children, Ava, 10, and six-year-old Deacon - even though they split in 2006.

He said in an interview with Men's Health magazine: "I still have sadness and complicated feelings about my divorce. But how beneficial is it to keep hanging onto those feelings?"

Despite his worries, the 'Cruel Intentions' star is determined to follow the example set by his 'Flags of Our Fathers' director Clint Eastwood, who at 79 is still prepared to keep throwing himself into new experiences.

Referring to Clint, Ryan said: "He's in the latter part of his experience on the planet, and he's still growing. He's open to new ideas and he's changing the way he sees things... It's something I want to encourage in myself - don't close off."