Abbie Cornish always ends up "giggling" when acting out sex scenes.

The 'Sucker Punch' star admitted she has always appeared in raunchy movies alongside people she considers to be her "mates" and so has never found stripping off to be a problem.

She explained: "They're all mates, that's the thing. So I'm lucky. With friends, if someone's pants don't come off properly, or if something gets stuck, you just end up giggling."

The Australian actress - who recently appeared alongside Bradley Cooper in 'Limitless - revealed she adopts an "alligator" approach to her sex scenes to remove herself from the situation.

Abbie added to Esquire magazine: "Alligators have two eyelids; a clear set, so they can see, and another one which is opaque.

"It's like that when you're acting those scenes. You're looking through the clear eyelids. So it's not me doing the scene with Bradley, it's my character."

Meanwhile, he 28-year-old beauty - who split from 'Stop Loss' co-star Ryan Phillippe last year after three years together - recently explained she was unprepared for the intense scrutiny their romance attracted.

Abbie said: "It was a really difficult time for me. I was thrust into this realm of paparazzi and coverage that I'd never been exposed to."