The Swedish stars plus pop songwriter Niclas Molinder have formed Music Rights Awareness (MRA), an educational organisation that will work with musicians to teach them about their rights.

“It’s so important to spread this knowledge about what rights creators have,” Ulvaeus told Billboard. "I can guarantee that a lot of the talent out there will get wasted because there was never the possibility to make something out of it."

“I believe in the cause and I believe in the people and by supporting Music Rights Awareness I very much hope, and believe, we can make a difference," added Martin, the man behind Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Kelly Clarkson hits, among others.

The organisation is international but they will work on more localised projects, with the first program, Music Rights In Africa, taking place in Rwanda, Malawi and Tanzania.

“African writers should be on par with Americans in terms of having the same knowledge,” Ulvaeus explains. “In many areas of the world, the concept of copyright is relatively new and MRA can do something really important.”

The trio, who will serve on the board of directors, also work together as investors in Auddly, a start-up that makes software which tracks songwriters and publishing rights. It is run by Molinder, who is considering creating an app which explains publishing jargon.

For their next project, the organisation will focus on encouraging women to become music producers.