Abba blonde Agnetha Faltskog refused to sing for years after the break up of the hit Swedish band - as she had terrifying visions and memories of the darker side of life on the road.

The 55-year-old singer couldn't stand listening to music after the crash of the troubled foursome in 1982, as their life in music had been so intense.

She recalls, "After the band broke up I didn't sing a note for 13 years.

"I know my fellow band member FRIDA was the same. We had lived so unbelievably long and intensively with Abba that we couldn't bear to hear any more music."

And the glamorous DANCING QUEEN star feared she would be attacked by fans, as the memories of over-zealous admirers were still fresh in her mind.

She says, "I had visions that the fans would get to me and never let me free or that I was crushed by them. I was frightened of them.

"People sometimes clawed brutally at us and we were howling in fright when we were bundled into the safety of waiting cars."

22/05/2005 10:47