Film-makers have devastated Abba fans by admitting their reunion video was faked.

The Swedish DANCING QUEEN stars - who split in 1983 - have always shunned lucrative offers to reform, but thrilled music lovers in May (04) by appearing together in a film to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their win at the 1974 EUROVISION SONG CONTEST.

The sketch featured an image of the four members behind their puppet replicas, but in a later clip, members Agnetha Faltskog and FRIDA appeared together in the same shot.

But director CARL ASTRAND has confessed the whole sketch was a fake - because the singing pair were unavailable to shoot the real thing.

He says, "Frida and Agnetha's schedules meant that they could not be filmed at the same time.

"So we filmed them separately and slotted them together using our computers."

09/07/2004 09:16