Former Abba star BJORN ULVAEUS has blasted TV talent shows for "humiliating" contestants and creating disposable stars.
The singer-songwriter claims shows such as American Idol are creating an unhealthy turnover of artists, who tend to disappear after one record.
He says, "They are too much for quick consumption. It's not about talent-seeking and a long-time career.
"It used to be that managers, records labels and agents would take an artist under their wing to try to develop something.
"If the first record did not work, they knew this guy had talent, so they would make a second and a third. I doubt that still exists."
Ulvaeus also criticised the audition process and the judges who mock untalented singers.
He adds: "It is entertainment. It's not the approach we would have. We do auditions, but it is not to humiliate people."