Abba star BENNY ANDERSSON secretly insisted the superstars of the new MAMMA MIA! movie musical pass his own quality test before he agreed to sign over the musical rights to the movie's producers.
Movie star Meryl Streep admits she never officially auditioned for the pop icon, but always felt a bad performance from her or her co-stars could have doomed the film version of the hit stage musical.
She says, "He vehemently denies this, but I know he retained the right to veto any cast choices right until the very end.
"He didn't release the rights to the music until just before we started shooting."
And there was one meeting Streep had with the songwriter/composer that made her realise he was sizing her up.
She tells the Sydney Daily Telegraph newspaper, "He had this little twinkle in his eye and he was very welcoming. But about halfway through, I realised I was doing an audition, and that if everything did not go well I would not be doing the musical. And then I got really nervous."