The man behind phenomenally successful pop group Abba has lashed out at the state of modern pop music - but admitted he's an Eminem fan.

Swedish songsmith BJORN ULVAEUS is disgusted by the state of the pop charts, with manufactured bands and reality TV shows like POPSTARS and AMERICAN IDOL taking over from real talent.

He laments, "It really bothers me that there's not a lot of real groups. Pop is so manufactured and I hate these terrible programs like Popstars. These days, I very rarely go out and buy a CD."

But, the WATERLOO star admits there is one modern artist he's fond of - just days after Irish poet Seamus Heaney gave him the literary nod (30JUN03), Bjorn has added his voice to the chorus of Eminem-approval.

He says, "I think Eminem is an excellent example of something that's 100 per cent original, that is really itself. There's not a lot of that around. I would love to see him in concert."

But, he concedes, they have little in common, adding, "Our lyrics are very different. I guess I didn't have quite the same relationship with my mother."

04/07/2003 09:09