MAD MEN star Aaron Staton is worried about his upcoming role as a father - because he's always been terrified of dropping other people's babies.
The actor, who plays Ken Cosgrove in the hit U.S. show, is expecting his first child with wife Connie Fletcher later this year (10).
And although Staton is looking forward to parenthood and has already chosen the tot's name, he is scared of the responsibility which comes with being a dad.
Staton tells Us Weekly, "We're very excited. We are pretty sure (on the baby's name), but we also thought we were pretty sure a few weeks ago and it changed, so we are sort of waiting until he is here and we have met him to announce it.
"I have been nervous about dropping babies in the past, but have been told that once it's your baby, you are no longer worried about dropping them. I am nervous that I have a lot to learn... that I won't pick it up fast enough. I think I am doing OK."