Hollywood heart-throb Aaron Stanford's first film role contained passionate scenes with two women - both old enough to be his mother.

X-Men 2 star Aaron had his first audition for new movie TADPOLE within weeks of leaving university in 2000. And just two months later the 25-year-old actor found himself auditioning opposite Sigourney Weaver, 53, and BEBE NEUWIRTH, 44, for some very cosy scenes.

Aaron says, "Bebe's hot, you know. I was 23 so there wasn't exactly any age-of-consent concern. And also it was handled so tamely anyway.

"It's the least offensive thing in the world. You barely see anything."

But the scene was originally scripted to be a lot hotter than what ends up on the screen.

Aaron adds, "In the original script, the scene with Sigourney and myself, it evolves into this kind of passionate animalistic thing - they're pawing each other and rolling around on the ground and everything.

"But, during the reading, we decided that wasn't going to happen."

18/06/2003 09:05