Aaron Spelling has filed a lawsuit against a nurse and her attorney for allegedly breaking a confidentiality agreement and sending letters around Hollywood implying the legendary US TV producer sexually harassed her.

Last week (ends25NOV05), Spelling and his wife CANDY filed suit against CHARLENE RICHARDS and her lawyer DON SESSIONS in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Earlier this month (NOV05), Sessions sent a letter to the agents and managers of actresses who've worked with Spelling asking for help with their sexual harassment case.

In it, Sessions wrote: "Other females who have worked for him have made similar accusations. He has denied it. He has encouraged us to contact other witnesses..."

In their suit, the Spellings claim Richards signed a confidentiality agreement when she started working as a home nurse for the 82-year-old mogul in November 2004.

They also claim Richards has tried to extort "an unspecified amount" of money from Spelling by threatening to reveal confidential information and are seeking $5 million (GBP2.8 million) in damages.

The Spellings' lawyer BERTRAM FIELDS says, "She's asking for $30 million (GBP17 million), which tells you something."