Aaron Sorkin's latest series 'The Newsroom' is probably unlikely to emulate his multi-award winning 'West Wing', though the show scored impressive viewing figures following its debut in the United States this week. Reviews of the show have been largely average, with most critics taking umbrage with Sorkin's self-indulgent writing.
Sorkin certainly has a glittering CV, and Linda Holmes of NPR just about summed it up with her review of The Newsroom, musing, "Hearing a Sorkin character forcefully argue something you believe to be true is like bathing in a tub full of champagne while you listen to a CD of affirmations called You Are Great And Smart, And No One Understands You: You know at some level that it's self-indulgent, but it feels so good, and don't you deserve that?". Dan Rather of Gawker continued the cautious praise, offering, "Sure, I've got my nits to pick with it; and, no, it's not perfect. But there's a lot to like in what Sorkin and his cast have done here. There is a newsroom authenticity to what's presented and much that gets to the heart of modern American journalism's problems". Hank Stuever of the Washington Post argues that Sorkin is taking things a little too far, saying, "The Newsroom is an exponentially tedious undertaking for the viewer, when really all the show needs to be is slightly sardonic, occasionally frantic and mildly amusing".
Nevertheless, HBO bosses will be delighted with the 3 million viewers that the first episode of the show pulled in - a bigger debut than 'Game of Thrones', which went on to become a phenomenal success.