Hollywood screenwriter Aaron Sorkin faces a daily struggle to stay sober, nine years after kicking his cocaine addiction.
Sorkin, who turned Tom Cruise's A Few Good Men from a stage play to a movie classic, first checked into a rehabilitation centre in 1995 after his then-girlfriend Julia Bingham convinced him he needed help.
He managed to overcome his reliance on drugs during the stint but suffered a relapse in 2001 while Bingham, then his wife, was away from home.
His cocaine habit landed him in handcuffs after airport security in Los Angeles caught him trying to smuggle magic mushrooms and rock cocaine in his hand luggage.
Sorkin escaped jail time and the arrest was the wake-up call he needed - prompting him to put his wild ways behind him for the sake of his baby daughter, Roxy.
He credits the girl with helping him stay sober but Sorkin, who subsequently split from his wife, fears the day he has to explain his troubled past to his loved one.
He tells W magazine, "She's now nine. I'm dreading the moment she goes online and reads about my arrest. But at least I'll have credibility with her when it comes to drugs. I won't be some old guy who doesn't know how to have fun.
"Now my firewall is Roxy. I'd let her down if I relapsed."
But Sorkin admits steering clear of drugs is a constant struggle - because addicts will always be addicts: "The hardest thing I do every day is not take cocaine. You don't get cured of addiction, you're just in remission."