Aaron Sorkin, screenwriter of the hot new television series 'The Newsroom', has insisted that his character for actor Jeff Daniels is not based on outspoken political commentator and writer Keith Olbermann.
The lead role of the show shares many traits with the outspoken hothead, who was sacked from his program on Current TV earlier this year and subsequently went off on a diatribe against them, but Sorkin told crowds at a Time Warner Centre Premiere "I'm glad I can finally clear this up. I didn't base it on him. It was during an interview with the BBC that I mentioned him, and, suddenly, it blew up. So blame the BBC! A lot of [the show] comes from what I think characters would be like... like on 'The West Wing", reports the New York Post.
However, he did admit that a hot, nerdy financial reporter played by Olivia Munn is loosely inspired by CNN personal finance reporter Christine Romans, "There is a little bit of Christine in there," he said, "But again, a lot of it is what I think the character would be like." Anticipation is high for the show, which makes it TV debut this week on June 24th, with Sorkin having earned an Emmy for his previous work as creator of 'The West Wing'. Other stars alongside Daniels include Emily Mortimer and DEV PATEL.