The Newsroom, created by Aaron Sorkin, writer of The West Wing, enjoyed impressive viewing figures, as it's first season culminated Sunday night (August 26, 2012), reports The Washington Post.
2.3 million tuned in for the finale's initial telecast and around 3 million for the night, which represents the show's biggest audience haul since it began. HBO says that the show garners 7 million views per episode via live viewings and on demand. The TV-giants had already decided to back the show before critics had gotten their hands on it. It would be fair to say the drama enjoyed a less than satisfactory critical response, but that hasn't been represented in viewing figures. Perhaps the high profile, critical panning of the show has led to millions of people tuning in to make their own decisions, either that or hundreds of critics have got it wrong.
The main criticisms of the show have been the representation of women and journalists, as well as a dislike for the show's lead character Will MCAvoy, who is played by Jeff Daniels. "I gotta be honest with you, I completely get why you do what you do - God bless you - but you don't do it for me, and you never have. It took me a long time as an actor to stop reading you," said Daniels in a damning statement to his detractors. "There's nothing you can tell me, I'm sorry to say, that will help me."