Aaron Sorkin has come out in a fierce defence of the show that he created and is executive producer on, 'The Newsroom'. Since beginning, the program has faced numerous critical responses, as well as some falling ratings, which, given the hype that had surrounded it in the build-up, has clearly rankled the brains behind it. Sorkin, an Academy and Emmy Award-winning screenwriter, was joined by the show's star Jeff Daniels at the Television Critics Assn. Media tour, and he set about answering those who view 'The Newsroom' as being on a downward spiral.
The Los Angeles Times reports that one of the critical opinions that Sorkin addressed was that the show appeared to have a problem with women. The script has been deemed incredibly hostile towards its female characters, by some, but he replied "I completely respect that opinion. But I 100 percent disagree with it. I think the female characters are every bit the equals of the men." He added that he'd paid specific attention in establishing that the women in the show had qualities showing that they "care about others, reach high, are thoughtful, curious" because "once you have those things down, you can have them slip on as many banana peels as you want."
Sorkin admitted that he couldn't please everyone, saying "We all know that there were critics who did not enjoy watching the first four episodes. And there were critics that did. Obviously, you prefer praise for the show to be unanimous." Overall though, he seemed bullish about the show's future.