Aaron Paul ''loved'' driving '68 Torino for 'Need for Speed'.

The 'Breaking Bad' actor plays mechanic Tobey Marshall in the forthcoming action film and enjoyed getting behind the wheel himself when they were shooting scenes for the movie.

Talking to collider.com, he said: ''What I loved doing over and over and over again - because it took us six nights to shoot - was the first racing sequence in the 68 Torino, and the Mount Kiska race. We shot all over ... in a little quaint town in Georgia.

''It was all night shoots. I got to do the majority of that driving and it was just a blast. We left skid-marks all over that beautiful little town and they're still there a year later.''

Paul admits he would have liked to be involved in the more dangerous stunts but isn't sure whether he'd actually have gone though with them if producers had permitted him to partake.

He added: ''I wanted to be in the car driving off the cliff - because you're connected to the helicopter you're going to be fine.

''I don't know. Just to say you actually did that - it's pretty ... I mean there's not a chance in hell, and I knew that, that's why I was like 'Yeah, I'll do it'.

''If they were like, 'Yeah, we'll let you do it', if I'm being honest with you I probably wouldn't have done it.''