Aaron Paul ''dreamed'' of working with Ridley Scott.

The 35-year-old actor - who had a chance to work with the legendary director, 77, in his latest film 'Exodus: Gods and Kings' - admitted that it was ''everything'' he was expecting.

He said: ''It's really everything you would think it would be. It's such a huge dream of mine; he's just such a legendary director, a legendary man with a legendary story.

''I grew up reading the Bible, my father was a Southern Baptist Minister so I know the book of Exodus and so this is just such an incredible thing.''

The 'Need for Speed' star also revealed the most ''epic'' scene for him was the parting of the Red Sea, even if it meant they had to wade through camel excrement.

When asked what his best day on set was, he told Collider.com: ''When we were parting the Red Sea, it was a time I will never forget. It was just such an epic, crazy thing. It was in the Canary Islands; gorgeous.

''And the sea and how they were creating the current to move that it actually looked like the sea was being pulled out. They had 20 jet-skis lined up in a row just creating current, thousands of extras all looking very biblical.

He added: ''[There were] lots of camels pooping everywhere because they were terrified but it was creating a giant toilet bowl that we were all walking through all day long for days and days. It was disgusting and I couldn't help but dry-heave.''