Aaron Paul doesn't ''deserve' his wife.

The 'Breaking Bad' actor insists he is a ''good guy'' who would never do anything to hurt spouse Lauren Parsekian - who he married last May - and is completely devoted to her.

Speaking at the Cinema Society's 'Need for Speed' screening in New York last week, asked if he is ''breaking bad'' in real life, he told the New York Post newspaper: ''You mean, cheating and living a loose life? No. I'm a good guy. I wish more people knew me.

''I'm in love. Happily married. My wonderful lady's Lauren Parsekian. I don't deserve her. We were friends before. We've been together five years. I'll be faithful. I'm happy to be here and with her.''

The 34-year-old actor loved working on 'Need For Speed' and was happy to get stuck into all the action scenes, as he found doing his own stunts exciting, rather than scary.

He said: ''This film's big with car racing. I did 3โ€‰ยน/โ‚‚ months training. Sunrise to sunset. In racetracks north of LA. I tore up tires. Drank car oil. I wasn't scared. I was excited. Did it all myself. No doubles. Nothing added post-filming. No fake stuff or green screen filled in with computer graphics. Me in the car with nerves jangling at triple-digit speeds.

''Just for one big upturn action jumping over traffic, they put in a stuntman.''