Actor Aaron Johnson can't wait to become a dad after finding love with Sam Taylor Wood, the director of his breakthrough movie NOWHERE BOY.
Taylor Wood cast 19-year-old Johnson as the lead in her John Lennon biopic and now the couple is engaged to wed - and she's pregnant with their first child.
Now Johnson has spoken out about his joy about impending fatherhood, and he insists caring for his family will be his priority - even if it means taking on movie roles he'd prefer not to take just to earn enough money to provide for the child.
He says, "I'm going to be a father soon, you know what I mean? Which is so wonderfully exciting, I can't wait for it. And I also know there are so many things I want to give my child. And maybe that means taking a job purely for the money. I hope not. But I've got a really good relationship with Sam.
"We have a great understanding of each other's work artistically, as well as knowing what's a creative piece and what's something that's going to be a commercial job that could possibly not be ideal for your career, but will bring in some money."
And Johnson is adamant he's not fazed by the constant media scrutiny over his relationship with the 42-year-old filmmaker, because they support each other: "Things have gotten weird because there's attention paid to parts of my personal life I never signed up for. But that's the strength of me and Sam together.
"It's not only that we're trying to protect ourselves. We've got kids we're trying to protect, and our families at home. So it doesn't really faze me, because I don't think about it. It's much nicer when you've got that grounding - that rock at home. And you run with it together and become a team."