Aaron Johnson doesn't care about the 23 year age gap with his fiancee Sam Taylor-Wood.

The 19-year-old 'Nowhere Boy' actor insists he never follows rules and doesn't care if people criticise his romance with the 42-year-old artist-and-director.

He said: "To be honest, I've never really lived life by the rule book. I've had a different life to most people. I've had to be independent and take on a lot."

Johnson also said that the pair do not court the celebrity lifestyle as they prefer to keep their lives private.

"We don't draw that out. We don't flash our faces around silly fashion shows or events. The only time we go to an event is to support someone. We've been out so rarely. You want your life."

He added that he learns a lot about her by talking through her previous work.

"I see more to her personality through her past. We just have a huge connection and we talk through loads of things."