Aaron Johnson hates telling people he is an actor.

The 20-year-old hunk professes he thinks he sounds like a "w****r" if he is asked about his profession and hates it when people question him.

He said: "When people say, 'What do you do?' I hate saying I'm an actor. Everyone just associates them with w****rs, you know what I mean?

"I bumped into someone, and when I said I was an actor, they started saying, like, 'Oh I just worked with Orlando Bloom,' I grew up in a town where that didn't happen."

Despite hating his own job title, he did manage to impress with his performance as John Lennon in 'Nowhere Boy', with Yoko Ono crying over how well he did.

Aaron added to the Los Angeles Times: "She saw the film, loved it, cried and everything, and she's just been hugely supportive and complimentary on all of our performances."

The British star is next expected to work on Byeong-ki Ahn's thriller 'The Phone' alongside Gabriel Johnson.