American movie heart-throb Aaron Eckhart has no regrets about quitting the independent film business to make Hollywood blockbusters - because he now believes he's in "control" of his career.

The ERIN BROCKOVICH star, 35, starred in little-known indie films, before the OSCAR-winning drama propelled him to the big time and has led to Eckhart starring in a string of big budget films such as PAYCHECK and The Core.

Eckhart explains, "I was all set to do this intense drama about a guy dying of Aids, but after 9/11 I wanted to do something heroic and fun for the whole family.

"Tom Cruise can do anything he wants and I want to be in a position where I can say, 'I want to do that, let's get this made'. I want to get control of my future."

27/02/2004 09:31