Aaron Eckhart is on a mission to become a top survival expert after learning how to fend for himself in the wild.
The Dark Knight star recently took a course in wilderness survival in Montana and now he aims to get stranded on one of the state's highest peaks in winter - to see if he's got what it takes to survive on nothing but his instincts.
He says, "The point is that you're able to go into the wilderness with nothing, not a knife... and you're supposed to come out 10 pounds heavier.
"I learned how to build shelters, build fires... The ultimate goal is to go in the mountains of Montana with nothing for four days.
"You've gained your own clothes, your shelter, you've made fire and food, and you're happy in the dead on winter."
Eckhart showed off what he has learned so far during an appearance on The Jay Leno Show on Friday night (04Mar11) as he attempted to make fire by rubbing sticks together. He failed, but managed to get his wood smoking in the process.