The mother of popstars NICK and Aaron Carter has been arrested for attacking her estranged husband's new girlfriend.

JANE CARTER allegedly broke a window to enter ROBERT's home, where she pulled 29-year-old GINGER ELROD out of bed by her hair and beat her.

Carter was arrested on Tuesday (13JAN04) and released early the next day (14JAN04) from MONROE COUNTY DETENTION CENTER, Florida.

The news comes just days after Aaron Carter resolved his personal and financial dispute with his mother. He had alleged she took more than $100,000 (GBP55,550) from his bank account without his permission.

To add to the fractured family's woes, Robert Carter is being sued for libel and breach of contract. ELIOT WEISMAN is claiming he introduced him to the William Morris Agency, but was then cut out of Aaron's career.

Weisman announced a business deal last May (03) with Jane Carter to oversee Aaron's career.

Robert says, "There may have been an agreement on Jane's part. There was never agreement on my part or Aaron's part."

18/01/2004 00:12