Aaron Carter still smokes marijuana.

The 'I Want Candy' hitmaker checked into rehab in September in order to get clean after he was arrested for driving under the influence and possession of cannabis but, although he's since completed his stint in treatment, he's not prepared to give up weed and has told the doctors that he needs to smoke it to keep him ''chilled.''

Speaking to Us Weekly magazine, he said: ''I was looking at a tree, and I was like, 'Oh man, you know what? I really feel like I'm not going to be triggered to do anything stupid, or anything bad. I mean, even after the treatment centre I smoke weed. I smoke weed, I'll tell you right now, doesn't matter to me. I told the people there, but beside that, there's other things that I have to do. I have to stay in a regimen of certain medications to keep me chill, because I'm a hyperactive guy.''

The 29-year-old singer spent two months at Alo House in Malibu, California, and during that time managed to gain 45lbs through a strict ''detox''.

He said recently: ''Well, I struggled from an eating disorder, so I had seven ulcers. I was, like, 115 pounds, super malnourished.

''It was tough, you know, it was tough a bit on myself, but the Alo House where I went was incredible. They helped figure it out for me what was going on with me, and there are other things going on, like, I suffer from PTSD. I have a lot of trauma from my past and a lot of loss, so that's something I have to deal with on a daily basis. I did detox and through that detox, I gained, like, two pounds every day. Twenty-eight percent of body weight I gained ... I took a break, and figured out what was going on in my mind, and the things that were really festering up and bothering me. I'm still figuring those things out.''