Pop star Aaron Carter is hoping to revisit a familiar Pizza Hut restaurant when he returns to London for dates next year (15) as he used to "hide out" there when he was a teen pop idol a decade ago.

The I Want Candy singer wants to visit some of the attractions that were out of bounds to him as a teenager when he returns to Europe in 2015, as part of an 80-date trek, which began earlier this month (Sep14).

There is a pizza place in Kensington that is among the top spots on his places to visit list because he used to sneak past his security guards and eat out there when he was confined to hotel rooms in between shows.

He tells Wenn, "England is where I got my start so I have a lot of fond memories... but the last time I was touring there, I would see the dancers running out of the hotel going to do all the adventurous stuff and I would have to stay in my room and play video games and watch movies.

"There were times I would be rebellious and I actually walked around Kensington Gardens. There was a Pizza Hut and I remember being a little kid and being so scared. I was supposed to be in my room and I'd sneak out and I'd walk around the gardens a couple of times, hit the Pizza Hut and then I'd go back to the hotel. It was crazy.

"I was lonely. I didn't have Twitter or anything like that back then. I wonder if that Pizza Hut is still there."

Carter is looking forward to a less frenetic tour through Europe this time around: "I just remember screaming girls and being ripped apart. I was so little. I had big bodyguards just carrying me around. My (manager) mom would pick me up and yell 'Get away from my son...' and carry me out like I was a briefcase."