Aaron Carter has claimed he is ''emotionally stable'' after having become clean from prescription drugs.

The 30-year-old singer completed two months in rehab last year to help him overcome his addictions which left him malnourished and dealing with PTSD, and he has now said he is ''very healthy'' and completely free from all forms of medication.

He said: ''I'm very healthy, emotionally stable, and a lot more in tune with myself and my feelings. I'm blessed with my health. I'm a healthy man.

''[I've] stopped all of it. Even when I got out of treatment, they had me on certain things, and I stopped all of it. I didn't want to be on anything.''

In December, the 'I Want Candy' hitmaker revealed he was taking medication for PTSD, but he admits he now has a ''different mentality'' toward it.

When asked about his PTSD prescription, he said: ''Yeah, but I dealt with a lot of things, and I have a different mentality when it comes to certain things. I believe willpower is a very important thing and with treatment sometimes, they don't believe in that.''

Aaron isn't clean from drugs completely, however, as he admits he still smokes marijuana regularly as part of a ''ritual''.

He said: ''I still smoke weed ... Not every day. But it's pretty much a ritual. When I went through the treatment process, I told everybody there, 'I'm gonna be smoking weed still.' I like smoking weed. I find it a very zen thing.''

The 'I'm All About You' singer is set to release 'Love', his first album in 15 years this Friday (16.02.18), and has said the record reflects the struggles he's been through.

When asked by 'Entertainment Tonight' what his album is about, he said: ''Going to rehab, getting arrested. It's all a testament to my character and building my character as a man. Every single thing in my life I take as a lesson.''