Singer Aaron Carter is desperate to follow big brother Nick's example and settle down - but he's still struggling with long relationships.

The grown-up child star, who has dated Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan, admits he's "super-lonely", but hasn't got the tools he needs right now to find lasting love.

He tells Wenn, "It's so hard to date. I haven't been able to maintain any relationships... Girls anywhere near my age, they know me and when somebody already knows me, before I get into anything with them this breakdown starts to happen. It starts off like, 'Oh my God, you're Aaron Carter,' and then it's, 'Oh, you're Aaron...' They get comfortable with me and that part is always hard to deal with.

"I wanna be able to maintain a relationship but I just can't right now because I'm not ready. I'm trying to rebuild my life and rebuild my future... Financially, I'm now starting to make a lot of money and a relationship now is not gonna be good for me."

Carter has just settled a huge tax debt that has been hanging over him for the past seven years and he embarked on a marathon 80-date tour of North America and Europe earlier this month (Sep14).