The 29-year-old I Want Candy star was taken to hospital after a member of ILL State took exception to a comment the headliner made as he left the stage at The Loony Bin in Bradley, Illinois.

Aaron said "Bye Felipe" to the musician, a play on the phrase "Bye Felicia", and the unnamed rapper, who was Hispanic, felt the singer was making a racial slur, rushed back onstage and attacked Carter. He also damaged his computer and speaker.

Aaron's representative insists the remark was not a racial slur, telling the New York Daily News, "His response to his attacker was a pop culture slang phrase equivalent to the phrase 'Bye Felica' (sic), also found in the Urban DICtionary."

Carter, who was punched twice in the head according to his rep, took to social media on Saturday (18Feb17) to comment on the incident and assure fans he was OK.

"This dude sized me up after I said he had to go and said bye Felipe like bye Felicia the male version... (from the film) Friday? He needed to go," Aaron tweeted. "I got a hit and pushed when I wasn't looking and they ran out the club..."

He later added: "Chillen w (with) my boys before I finally get to bed... hospitals suck. & so do bullies. My face is still pretty though and untouched."

Aaron eventually left hospital and revealed police officials were investigating the incident, adding: "Everything is good for right now... I'm all G."

The singer has cancelled his return to the club, scheduled for Sunday night (19Feb17).