Aaron Carter has checked into a treatment facility to ''work on his overall wellness''.

The 'I Want Candy' hitmaker has decided to enter a facility where he hopes to ''improve his health''.

His representative said in a statement: ''Aaron has decided to enter a facility to improve his health and work on his overall wellness. He is going to do this privately and focus all his attention on being the best person and performer possible. He is grateful for the support and love from his fans and looks forward to coming back stronger than ever before.''

It comes after Aaron admitted he is ''concerned'' about his health.

He explained: ''I'm concerned about my overall health because people tell me I look like I have AIDs or I look like I have cancer or I look like I'm dying.''

During an appearance on 'The Doctors', Aaron tested negative for both cocaine and meth, and the programme's doctor, Travis Stork, warned the star of the potential health consequences of taking drugs.

Turning to the singer, Travis said: ''What scares me about that drug panel is that your sister [Leslie] perished from a drug overdose. You have a mixture of benzodiazepines with opiates, which is how many people accidentally can die. These medications - and I'm speaking now purely from the doctor's perspective - can be very, very scary.''

Aaron had previously turned down a free rehab stay.

Dr. Travis Stork added: ''Aaron is dealing with so much ... He says to all of us and to me, 'I am a man of my word'. The Alo House is ready and willing to take Aaron. He is yet to take those steps to go there. He repeatedly tells me that this is what he plans to do, and he's not going to do it for anyone else but himself. But Aaron also has a lot of things and reasons - I'm not going to use the word 'excuses' because that's not what I want to use - but concerts, everyone knows some legal things ... The mentality is, 'Once I can get these taken care of, then I will go.'''