Aaron Carter has ''broken his nose'' in a car accident.

The 29-year-old singer injured himself and totalled his vehicle when he was involved in a ''severe'' accident.

He wrote in a series of tweets: ''TBH this s***t hurts my arms hurt my legs hurt all my airbags went off I broke my nose this is f***ed up ... Life is really so precious, I just got into a terrible accident and completely totaled my BMW M4 ...

''I never meant to get into an accident as severe as this. I've ran into people before and honestly nothing compares to what happened today ... Everything is fine ... Thank you for all the support and love. Means a lot. Accidents happen. I'm just happy both of us were ok ... I just want to let everyone know I'm doing ok. I'm just laying low tonight. Sorry if I scared anyone, but I'm ok (sic)''

Aaron has had a rough time of it lately, having to call in the police over harassment and disturbing text messages. When the cops turned up to his home in St. Petersburg, Florida, they also found evidence of an attempted break-in, which occurred when he was out of town.

The 'I Want Candy' hitmaker also recently called off his romance with Madison Parker after he announced he was bisexual but soon after, he admitted he didn't like being single.

He wrote in a series of tweets at the time: ''Some people aren't loyal to you, they are loyal to their need of you. Once their needs change so do their loyalties as I've learned ... My decision and choices are apart of me, no matter what the outcome may be ... Being single isn't fun I'm not gonna lie. But I'm gonna do it for awhile for myself.''