Bollywood star Aamir Khan is being investigated for illegally owning farmland in India - just days after Amitabh Bachchan was ruled to have committed the same offence. The state of Maharashtra's revenue minister claims Khan is being probed over allegations he bought agricultural land in the Maval region of Pune. Agricultural land in the state is only allowed to be owned by legitimate farmers. Minister Narayan Rane says, "Every Indian citizen has the right to purchase agricultural land provided he has documents to claim that he is a farmer by profession." Khan insists he is a farmer. He counters, "I am an actor by profession but I come from an agricultural family. "My father, along with his brothers and sisters, own agricultural property in the form of mango orchards in Shahbad area of Uttar Pradesh. My family have been agriculturists as per the law and guidelines." Yesterday Amitabh 'The Big B' Bachchan lodged his appeal against a ruling last week that he had forged an 1983 certificate identifying him as a farmer - which entitled him to ownership of a 20 acre farm in Maharashtra.