JANET JACKSON struggles to perform fan favourite TOGETHER AGAIN live because the song she wrote about pals who had lost their lives to AIDS has taken on a new meaning following the death of Aaliyah.

The THAT'S THE WAY LOVE GOES singer admits the song is always painful to perform because it brings back so many memories - but she owes it to friends she has lost to sing it.

She says, "It keeps on meaning more and more. The one time that I really felt choked up is when Aaliyah passed away.

"After a show, I had gotten on the bus to go to the next city, and when I got to the hotel, all these people started calling me and asking me, 'Is it true about Aaliyah?'

"I finally got in touch with MISSY (ELLIOTT), and she told me it was true - that she had been in a plane crash. I remember the following night she was all I could think about throughout the entire show, and when Together Again came, I was trying to hold back what I was feeling inside.

"I knew it would show, so I just let the audience sing it. It was just tough."

25/03/2004 09:25