Late R&B singer Aaliyah will be honoured at a prestigious music ceremony in Britain, eight years after her death.
Organisers of the upcoming Music Of Black Origin (MOBO) Awards show will pay tribute to the Try Again hitmaker, who died in a plane crash on 25 August 2001 - just as she was launching her Hollywood film career.
The annual MOBO event, which recognises artists who perform black music, is set to feature a special segment celebrating Aaliyah's life and career when the bash takes place in Glasgow, Scotland in September (09).
A spokesperson for the MOBOs says, "Always humble and down to earth, what made the world fall in love with Aaliyah was that she never let the fame get to her.
"Despite living the dream, she remained a genuine and caring person. Her soft, soulful voice took the world by storm and drew us all in... her voice somehow connected perfectly.
"It can definitely be said that Aaliyah paved the way for the Ciaras and Keri Hilsons of this world. Aaliyah, we miss you."