August 25, 2012 will be the eleventh anniversary of Aaliyah 's death. The star may be gone but she is far from forgotten. Late Sunday night (August 5, 2012), Drake released a new track featuring the late singer's vocals, as well as his own. The track, entitled 'Enough Said,' has caused quite a stir and not just because Drake has resurrected Aaliyah's vocal talent for a new generation but because he appears to have used the track to make a sly dig at Chris Brown, as well.
In one of the verses that Drake raps, he seems to be carrying on the drama of his on-going feud with Chris Brown (which is thought to have stemmed from the fact that they have both dated Rihanna at one time or another) by saying "Running through the city with n***as I'd give a kidney/ Selling under 150 you n***as got to be kidding/ Is this even still a discussion?/ Don't you ever wake up disgusted?" The reference to '150' is most likely a dig at the fact that Chris sold under 150,000 copies of his album 'Fortune,' whereas Drake's album 'Take Care' has shifted over 600,000 units.
Response to the Aaliyah collaboration has been mixed. Although it's a great thing that Drake has brought her talent back to the fore, it perhaps wasn't entirely appropriate to do so in the same song that he was using as a vehicle to diss Chris Brown and dredge up an old battle with a love rival.